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Miss Amy Hughes, Principal

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Mr. Kline's classes have been participating in an endeavor, sponsored by the Purdue and University of Cincinnati Schools of Education, in which students learn about the core concepts of self-esteem, environmental sustainability, nutrition and fitness through entertaining, and engaging activities. Clevercrazes.com is a free and fun website providing ways to engage kids in learning and making healthy choices, while earning points to be eligible to win prizes.  So far, students have earned giftcards, backpacks, head phones and tennis shoes.  Earlier in the year, our school received a $500 cash prize for having the most participation.  

Check out the site at clevercrazes.com.



Recently, PJHS students observed Black History Month by recreating the Harlem Renaissance.  The day included drawing, dancing, enjoying music and eating.  The event was organized by Mrs. Stephanie Warren, and wouldn't have been possible without the following people Maureen Cadogan, Drew Carter, Miss Mary, 14th Street Center, Sarah , Jayvon , Janiyah , Jacob , Kimberly , Shayla, Abi , Trevyin , Ethan , Codey , KaylaP, Norresha, Regan , Emily ,  Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Pacula, Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Vetter, Mrs. Chabot, Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Deacon, Mr. McKrimmon, and Mrs. Hughes.   "I could not have done it without all of you!"  For more images, click here.  And here!

7th Grade Science Fair Winners:  S. Lyon and S. Johnson, 1st Place; K. Born, 1st Place and G. Johnson 2nd Place

8th Grade Winners include: E. Call, Best Overall; M. Perry, 1st Place and D. Hamrick, 2nd Place.


Winners of the 2017 PJHS Spelling Bee are: F. Harris, 1st Place  and C. Jarrells, Runner-Up.  Mr. Harris will be competing in the Scioto County Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the SOMC Life Center.

Students at PJHS had the opportunity to learn more about black history through a unique program of speakers and activities.  Students rotated through 15 different stations to learn more about Civil Rights, African-Americans in the military, folklore and storytelling and Pan-African music (drums)--just to name a few.  The event was organized by Miss Stephanie Warren and Miss Jessica Smith.  A very special THANK YOU to all the speakers and teachers who helped with the day!  Click here for more photos!